Video A.R.T. erasmus +

Video A.R.T. erasmus +

In the framework of the European programme Erasmus+ with the title VIDEO A.R.T., Multitrab Productions was asked to train students of different countries and backgrounds in video techniques under the theme of “Diversity”.

The programme’s duration is 2 years and during this period of time the participants of 4 different European schools attend meetings each time in a different country where workshops relevant to Video Art take place. The contents of these workshops include learning of techniques such as stop motion, animation, infographics, training in the direction and the video structure, the scenario and the story board, photographic image, cinematic language, sound, montage and introduction to mobile applications.

Through these techniques we train our students to tackle discrimination, and to embrace and respect diversity. We have embarked on a programme to broaden student’s awareness and acceptance through the ideas of Appreciation, Respect and Tolerance, for diversity, knowing that we live in a time of crisis not only of an economic nature but also to our values. We see our students struggling for the present but also for their place in the future; their future in the European Union and in a multicultural society, teeming with diversity.

We engage students to discuss equality, human rights, and tolerance; in other words, the values on which the European Union was built. Cameras record, as students demonstrate their anti-bias awareness through various video techniques and mobile phone applications which the young people of today find so appealing.

Students discuss. Cameras record. Societies change.

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