Dubai Digital Arts Festival

Dubai Digital Arts Festival

Dubai Digital Arts Festival

The Dubai Digital Arts Festival (DDAF) is the first international festival taking place in Dubai and focusing on digital art and culture.

The Festival is planning to be a point of convergence for all the different kinds and trends of contemporary digital culture.

Additionally, the purpose of DDAF is to highlight the multiple ways in which the intersection of art and technology impacts everyday life.

The festival intends to raise public awareness of, and interest in, leading contemporary artistic, technological and social trends. Its goal is to introduce the city of Dubai as a new international meeting point for the digital art scene as well as to create a local digital art community.

Dubai Digital Arts Festival, under the title “Experience the Future”, will host a wide range of exhibitions with free admission – including indoor and outdoor interactive installations, web artworks, video art and animation screenings, audiovisual performances, workshops, talks and tributes to internationally acclaimed artists, welcoming visitors of Dubai to experience different digital art practices and actively participate in multidimensional interactive events.