Extending Reality

Extending Reality

    Extending Reality

CoExistence: Art, Science & Technology

                                                                                         Curated & Organized by ADAF 

Athens Digital Arts Festival is organizing for the first time a new Art, Science & Technology Exhibition, under the title Extending Reality | CoExistence: Art, Science & Technology, at the Eugenides Foundation, the New Digital Planetarium , in Athens.

The aim of this new Exhibition is to highlight the dynamics of modern media in everyday life through a fun and interactive program. It will be full of experiences for everyone who wants to learn and acquaintance with the contemporary ways in which the coexistence of Art, Technology and Science succeed.

The program of Extending Reality | CoExistence: Art, Science & Technology will change the way we perceive reality and its boundaries, presenting the intersection of the physical with the digital world , creating a hybrid space between physical and virtual reality. The program will include interactive installations, AR and VR projects, games, workshops, 360 performances, and screenings.

The Exhibition will host works by Greek and foreign artists. Among the artworks that will be presented, it will be the new interactive installation Black Hole by Yiannis Kranidiotis (GR), a light and sound sculpture inspired by the geometry of black holes. Moreover,  Ι, Human by Saint Machine (RO) will be presented for the first time in Greece at the Eugenides Foundation, looking at new patterns of technology-facilitated collaborative behaviors. Specifically for this event and venue, a VR project was created, Fabien Prioville’s, dancer of Pina Bausch, (FR) Rendez-vous, co-produced by Tanzhaus NRW, redefining contemporary dance and traditional theater. Another artwork comes from Taiwan and Dr. Ya Lun Tao (TW)*, Time Panorama, a VR artwork based on the idea that the world is made up of illusions and is the panoramic projection of desires. 

The full program will be announced soon, so stay tuned!


We invite you all to discover together the new realities that are unfolding before us.


Extending Reality | CoExistence: Art, Science & Technology

Curated & Organized by: Athens Digital Arts Festival

➡November 14 – 17, 2019, 10:00 – 22:00
Venue: Eugenides Foundation, The New Digital Planetarium, entrance from Leoforos Syggrou 387
➡Free entrance

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*The artwork Human Machine by Saint Machine is supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute

*Τhe Taiwan Artists curated by Dr. Ya Lun Tao have been sponsored by the National Culture and Art Foundation and the Taipei Cultural Bureau