European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days

Under the theme “Seeking a new home: old and recent stories of people on the move” the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports organised, for the first time this year, an event in the context of the European Heritage Days . Aiming to the dialogue between the cultural heritage and the contemporary life they nominate a multiplex way of synergy within Museums, Archaeological places and Cultural Institutions of Athens and Piraeus, raising awareness of the monuments and museums of the city to the wide audience.

Music, dance, theater, visual arts, digital arts, murals, exhibitions and documentary, cinematography, guided tours, training programs and workshops constitute a complete dedication to the dipole Violence and Tolerance.

Within this framework, Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) pointed out the ancient and later cultural heritage through the realization of cultural actions and modern creation. The mural, the sound installation with narratives of ancient sources which refer to the life of Socrates as well as the curation of the video art screening contribute to the education of the audience and the highlighting archaeological places in Athens.

In more detail, the curated actions by Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) was:

– The mural on the sidewall of the entrance of Kerameikos archaeological place by the artist Nikoλaos A. Tsounakas 
Kerameikos archaeological place, Ermou 148, Athens
Photocredit: Manos Kalafatelis

– The sound installation with narratives of ancient sources which refer to the life of Socrates, is hosted in the Ancient Agora in Athens.
Narration: Nontas Sarlis
Texts selection: Maria Liaska, Archeologist
Curator: Ilias Chatzichristodoulou
Sound Mix: Stefan Konstantinidis ( Fabrika Music Studio )
Production: Athens Digital Arts Festival
Listen the whole piece here 

– The curated Video Art screening by Eirini Olympiou from the ADAF Database hosted on the official website of the Ministry of Culture the dedicated to the registration, study, and projection of the cultural activity all over Greece.