Audiovisual Performance for ADAF Phygital!

Audiovisual Performance for ADAF Phygital!
24/10, at 21:30
Agion Asomaton Square
Sound waves, images, memories that seek…. fresh air.
An Audiovisual Performance for ADAF Phygital by Giorgos Grigorakos
Giorgos Grigorakos was born and raised in Athens, Greece.

He studied music technology and attended short courses on -synthesis techniques of contemporary music, as well as creating sounds with interactive media (max-msp). He likes to degrade and break sounds with the use of analog, modular and other handmade generators balancing between granular, drone and ambient.

In 2003 he decides to form a band with his friend Fotis Karaoglanis, under the name of Elica and they gain their success and fame by playing in many music festivals and concert halls in Greece. At their high point of their musical journey, they participate in the Synch festival with the electroacoustic performance “Nekyia” and they participate as the opening band at the concert of Anne Clark and K.BHTA in Athens and Thessaloniki.

In December of 2007 they released their first album entitled “Asymmetrica” by Vim records and they get great reviews by the press.

They compose music for a theatrical play and their songs participate in a variety of music collection cds.

Within 2008 he edited and released on Sony records the music collection “The Movement Sessions-A Tribute to K.BHTA”.

During the period 2011-2019 he is presenting four audiovisual performances -“Optimistique melancolie”,”Somewhere in a field”,”Aporrythmisi”- “Anamesa” combining his sound with live visuals (3D mapping).

His first personal album “Somewhere in a field” is based on a wide range of sound frequencies and the interaction they create in different levels. The album was released in September 2013 by Somehow Ecstatic rec. with the participation of mezzo soprano Anastasia Eden and mastered in New York by Τaylor Deupree (12k).

In 2014 he collaborates with the poet Aimilios Eden to present live his poetry collection entitled “The Book of Poetry” at Athens and Thessaloniki.

The second album ‘JigsaG” was released in May 2016 by Glory Hill studio.
At present he is in the making of his new album.