#AthinaioiMesa | ADAF supports Project210

#AthinaioiMesa | ADAF supports Project210

Athens Digital Arts Festival, in its thematic TechnoTribalism proposes that we are all part of the first generation of a world that is heading towards extra valuing of data. More current than ever in the era of coronavirus, where every biometric or scientific data is of vital importance and every digital imprint feeds the entertainment thirst of the quarantine, we are collaborating with Project210 for their project  #AthinaioiMesa (meaning Athenians at home) proving that, in the digital era of data, collectivity prevails. We call to all of you to enjoy our project.

Whomever you are you are inside

Inside your home and inside our project

#AthinaioiMesa – is the first creative collective project executed from our homes in Athens.

In the new reality of COVID19, Project210 is calling everyone to become a contributor in a channel that contemplates what we are doing inside our homes, aiming to offer entertainment to everyone, participants and viewers. We are calling to Athenians  to send us your DIY videos 1-2’ long in 16:9 or 9:16 at project210athens@gmail.com or upload them in social media mentioning @project210 and #AthinaioiΜesa. The best videos will be part of our digital collection in YouTube. For the selection we have recruited the specialist team of Athens Digital Arts Festival, in a unique collaboration.

All you need is your good spirit and a mobile phone

Let’s discover together the creative moments of the quarantine as well as the view of the city as offered from our window.We can all be domestic digital artist

Our goal is to document and promote the Athenian culture, as seen through the eyes of every contributor defined within his/her home walls and disseminate it through the channels of our platform.

Athenians continue to give the beat of the city, this time from inside their houses.

Project210 is an audiovisual platform that documents Athens. It was constituted to feel and transmit the heartbeat of the city through the eyes of creators and citizens, emerging personas and creative actions in the cityscape. It is an effort to redefine the city and its people discovering their mutual aspects inside their distinctness. We believe there is no better way to know a city than the simplicity and naturalness of audiovisual recording. Anything that takes place in the city can be one new project.

For further details please visit  http://project210.gr/

Athens Digital Arts Festival, the international festival for digital arts in Greece is an annual event that takes place since 2005, promoting contact and familiarization of the broad audience with new media and contemporary culture in arts, technology, science and education. ADAF is the longest living annual event in the country dedicated to digital culture. It is bringing together international artists communities with the broad audience through a multilayered program of main festival and parallel actions throughout the year, aiming towards continuous education, and active audience engagement and development. It enacts every aspect of digital creation hosting artist and creative collaborations both from Greece and abroad, having offered to more than 4800 artist till today, the opportunity to present their work and promote their talent on an international level. This year for its 16th edition, ADAF is still receiving submission for its thematic Technotribalism until the 20/4/20. For online submissions here

For further information visit www.adaf.gr

You can download the press release here

We are inside, We belong in the Technotribe, We are part of Project210 #AthinaioiMesa