ADAF & European Heritage Days 2021 – Heritage All Inclusive!

ADAF & European Heritage Days 2021 – Heritage All Inclusive!

The Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) honors and participates once again in the European Heritage Days with the Video Art and Animation Compilation Global Heritage”.  

Screening tonight, Friday September 24th at 8PM on ADAF’s online platform, Global Heritageis a specially curated Video Art and Animation Compilation that presents the multidimensional experience of cultural heritage and new media in this new digital age.  

Through “Global Heritage”, 15 artists from a culturally diverse background offer us a glimpse to their personal recorded perceptions and experiences of cultural heritage and the way they approach it.  This live streaming presents the significant role access to cultural heritage has played throughout history and reminds us that accessibility is the key for it to remain a constant for generations to come.  

Watch it here 


Works & Artists 

Artifice | Judicaël Ceva, Adrien Douay, Coline Della Siega, Coraline Hun and Diana Lao | FR | 3.40 min 

Spirit Of The Drowning Girls | Runze Cao | US | 10:13 min 

Sushido | Boldoni Michele | FR | 1.40 min 

Naturals | Svoboda Viktor | GT | 1.40 min 

Land Without Evil | Egely Katalin| HU | 3.50 min 

Shamans | Antenor Ferreira | BR | 4 min 

Love and Soul | Daphne Ji Yeon Jang | KOR | 3.45 min 

SIBYL (2020) | Marta Di Francesco | IT | 02:30 min 

Bouboulina & Bastidas: Flashbacks to a meeting that never happened | Aristides Portoulas, Christos Georgiou, Angela Delgado, Iannis Pantazidis, Neraida Apaza, Raul Chuquimia | PE & GR | 11.25 min 

Dawn to Dust | Shubhangi Singh | IN | 5min 

A fundamental principle | Hyeongsuk Kim | KR | 9.55 min 

RadianceScape | XCEED | HK | 1:50 min 

Theory of No Thing | Rajbir Kaur | IN |04:36 min 


Curated by ADAF | Iannis Pantazidis and Maria Triantafyllou