ADAF 2020 : French digital art in the spotlight

ADAF 2020 : French digital art in the spotlight

7 September, 20:30 

French Institute Rooftop


Admission free upon registration.

The French Institute of Greece and the Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), before presenting their synergy in the context of the Digital November and the Extending Reality exhibition, will meet with the public on September 7, on the renovated roof of the French Institute, with an original selection of French works from the Festival’s archive.

The ADAF artistic team proposes a retrospective of art, avant-garde and animated films that have marked the festival over the years.

Drawing material from the digital archive of the Athens Digital Arts Festival, which through its course has recorded the transition of our time from analog to digital, the works build original communication symbols. In addition to its digital form, with the search and processing of programming code and software, key issues of the time are raised.

Screenings : 

François Roux (FR) The Lid (2013) 04:15 min
El Zoid (FR) In the realm of void, seeking the sun (2018) 09:18 min
Roland Quelven (FR) POLAROIDS (2014) 05:40 min
Yannick Dangin Leconte (FR) Propagande (2013) 08:37 min
Jean Gabriel Periot (FR) The devil (2013) 07:00 min
Beb-deum (FR) MONDIALE™ Worldwide Departures (2017) 04:24 min
Jean-Gabriel Périot (FR) WE ARE BECOME DEATH (2014) 04:00 min
Guillaume Martial (FR) The Modulor (2014) 01:00 min
Jerome Walter Gueguen (FR) A p p a r e I l (2012) 09:00 min
ZZZ (FR) El Cuerpo (Body) (2011) 04:38 min
Nico Winz (FR) Conversation avec les esprits (2013) 04:34 min
Frederic Doazan (FR) Chanvert les bains (2011) 03:40 min
Brun Pauline (FR) To the Man Who Flew into Space from His Apartment (2010) 01:13 min
Kamel Ghabte (FR) Casablanca Run The Covid (2020) 10:00 min
Frédéric Durieu & Nathalie Erin (FR) Covid-19 in action in your body (2020) 02:04 min
Melissa Faivre (FR) Memorabilia (2019) 06:10 min


Curator : Eirini Olympiou (Video Art Curator, Athens Digital Arts Festival)

The 16th international festival for digital arts of Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), the pioneer longest living institution dedicated to digital culture in the country (est.2005). For its 16th edition, it launched the Online era, creating the ONLINE.ADAF.GR platform, and continues its daily activities, presenting performances and works of art freely to the public. It is the first Digital Art Online Streaming Festival taking place in Greece, and hereby announces another premiere.

Next Dates :

Extending Reality |Athens Digital Arts Festival | November 2020

The Art, Science & Technology organisation of Athens Digital Arts Festival “Extending Reality | CoExistence: Art Science, Technology” is back at the Eugenides Foundation in Athens.

The aim of this organisation is to highlight the dynamics of modern media in everyday life through a fun and interactive program. It will be full of experiences for everyone who wants to learn and acquaintance with the contemporary ways in which the coexistence of Art, Technology and Science. 

The program of Extending Reality | Coexistence Art, Science, Technology will change the way we perceive reality and its boundaries, presenting the intersection of the physical with the digital world , creating a hybrid space between physical and virtual reality.

Digital November 2020

The French Institute of Greece presents for the 2nd year the “Digital November”, the international cultural event proposed by the French Institutes around the world, for one month, with the aim of highlighting digital cultures and their different forms.

The 2nd edition of Digital November in Greece, will promote the French excellence in the field of digital vocational education, while workshops, editathons, speeches, artistic activities and an exhibition of electronic games are included in the program for the general public.