2nd Digital November

2nd Digital November


21, 22 & 28, 29/11/2020


Online Broadcast


The French Institute of Greece and the Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) present, in the context of Digital November, a rich online art program with screenings of works by French artists, a tribute to the Videoformes International Digital Arts Festival and a unique performance by the famous French art group “1024 architecture”.

The two organizations, in their first date with the public, on September 7, presented an original selection of French works which were selected from the digital archive of the festival and thus gave the mark of their synergy in the context of Digital November.

“The International Digital Arts Festival, ADAF as a beacon of digital culture, built the ADAF ONLINE platform not only to cope with the COVID era, but also as an event in complete agreement with its own DNA. The use of technology has always been our passion as well as everything digital, so it is a great honor to be part of the Digital November that comes in full agreement with what we stand for as an institution. Our relationship with the French art scene is well known, for so many years we have presented numerous works by French artists and major French festivals so we could not resist and not make an amazing program for Digital November, especially now that people are at home and need entertainment more than ever. Our theme’s Technotribalism this year was more relevant than ever in the case of covid although it was introduced earlier in the treaty, testifying that our concerns pre-existed and were simply exacerbated by the outbreak of the pandemic. We believe that all our works and actions this year “speak” to the viewers more than ever “.

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF)


Tune in, the last two weekends of November, on the ADAF online platform.

The public can freely watch the event at https://online.adaf.gr/home/now-playing/ the following days and hours.


Saturday 21/11/2020
20: 00-21: 00 | “As time passes by”

Time, the great value of the world. In real and imaginary space-times, we observe its passage, its effects and its gifts.

View collection of works by French artists (50:22)


Sunday 22/11/2020
20: 00-21: 00 | “Before or after the storm”

Zero point, what every crescendo wears. It marks the beginning and the end of every great event. Before or after a storm, a journey into milestones in situations that preceded or followed.

View collection of works by French artists (62:44)


21: 00-22: 00 | Tribute to the Videoformes International Digital Arts Festival

VIDEOFORMES is one of the oldest and most historic festivals for video art and digital arts in France. development of one of the most important Digital Video archive recorded around the mid 80’s. VIDEOFORMES honors its long-term collaboration with the International Festival of Digital Arts this November with video art collections that address contemporary social issues, concerns about its progress The works have been curated by Gabriel Soucheyre, director of the VIDEOFORMES festival, academic and artist.


Saturday 28/11/2020
20: 00-21: 00 | “Everything before it happened”

What came first and finally what followed, man or technology? Before everything is done, everything before it is done. A mirror …

View of a collection of works by French artists (44:20)


Sunday 29/11/2020
20: 00-21: 00 | “Techopeople”

Technology, a milestone, a mathematical exaggeration. A real condition. A unique tool. An extension of the human world. We are the techno-humans, the ones who, through art, made technology and then applied it to our reality. We live organically with it, we coexist, we complement each other, we are one.

View of a collection of works by French artists (78:24)


21: 00-21: 15 | Presentation of the Performance “sphere” by “1024 architecture”

Shpere’s work focuses on the geometric shapes of the sphere, through its different sizes in nature. From quantum energy to microbiology and back to the planetary scale, viewers watch the storytelling of form and its associated symbolism. A journey from the earliest moments of the universe to its final destruction. The music and visual effect are created live on stage and thus make each version of the show a unique experience.

1024 architecture is a creative studio founded in 2007 by Pier Schneider and François Wunschel. Rejecting the notion of boundary between artistic genres, the team focuses its work on spatial practices, digital technology and visual effects, creating unique works of art, installations and performance.