ADAF on Tour 2023

ADAF on Tour 2023

In the framework of our summer-autumn parallel projects, is with  great pleasure we are announcing once more our ADAF on Tour  this time for the year 2023

We will be offering Open Air screenings in strategic locations outside the city of Athens, under the thematic #WelcomeToTheUncanny Screenings  with video artworks from the category of Animation.

With ADAF on tour we aim to showcase digital culture through a full artistic program to all audiences. Having already visited through the years  more than 21 locations in Greece, we aim in brining digital art and culture closer to the audiences of every city.

As for the thematic #WelcomeToTheUncanny Screenings 

What is signified today as Uncanny? How is it related to new technology, algorithms and augmented reality? What is causing this familiar yet  unsettling feeling? Can machines foresee our every movement? do we still have free will? How can we be sure what is true and what is a simulation?

We warmly invite you to our ADAF on tour Open Air Screenings:

25th of August | 21:00 | Nea Makri | central square

23rd of September | 19:30 | Rafina | central square

all adaf on tour events will be Free of charge for everyone