ADAF @ Kinono Tinos Art Gathering

ADAF @ Kinono Tinos Art Gathering
ADAF @ Kinono Tinos Art Gathering!
Video art screenings tackling the theme of human communication with nature!
Curated by Irini Olympiou and Donatella Nika
KΙΝΟΝΟ Tinos Art Gathering is a meeting of artists, educators, researchers, scholars and scientists invited to Tinos to produce work by drawing inspiration from the island itself. Within a community of dialogue and synergy, an open and interactive experience fuses multiple and diverse fields of art, science and new media. Visitors, locals and participants engage with the island’s landscape, history as well as each other, towards an act of inter-discovery and communication.
By developing three relevant yet distinct Gardens, (Secret 6-13/7, Local 23-28/7, Virtual 25-31/8) ΚΙΝΟΝΟ 2018 attempts to designate different approaches to the notion of “garden”, through various forms of thematic walks, exhibitions, open workshops, panels, and artistic interventions, from within the island’s varied cultural context.
KINONO Tinos Art Gathering 2018 introduces the first part of the Gardens’ triptych which will conclude in the summer of 2020
Entrance to all KINONO events is free