Event Awards

Platinum Award at Event Awards 2019!

So excited and proud that ADAF is nominated with the PLATINUM AWARD as the best Cultural Event, on its 15 years anniversary!

One more night full of awards, shinny people and surprises!

Thank you all that help to make our digital dreams true!

Stay tuned!


ADAF Kids Summer Edition

ADAF Kids is back to make our summer cooler 🌞🍨

Animation & AR+ workshops at Δήμος Αιγάλεω

Our little friends 
🎬created their own animations,
🚀they travelled to our solar system and learned everything about the planets
📱 they saw images coming to life through tablets and mobile phones

With the help of experienced animators ADAF conducted animation workshops entitled “Animating the summer”, offering kids the opportunity to create their first moving image. Moreover, our little friends entered the magic world of Augmented Reality (AR+), and to travel to our solar system and planets. They also had the chance to see in front of their eyes posters, books and still images coming to life, through tablets and mobile phones!

Finally, kids watched impressive Animation screenings in a program specially designed for their age. Apart from their recreational character, animations promote values such as family, environmental consciousness, multiculturalism, diversity and friendship. The aim of the screenings is to highlight the above ideals through entertaining and interesting stories.

A futuristic experience that broadened their creativity and imagination!

See you soon guys!



Read the results of the audience development research ADAF | Focus Bari

With the end of the exciting Tribute Event for the 15 years of Athens Digital Arts Festival, the Festival continues to contribute creatively to the artistic and cultural scene of Greece.

ADAF in collaboration with the Greek Market Research Company, Focus Bariconducted research on the visitors OF “Tribute to the 15 Years of ADAF” with rather interesting results regarding their profile and interests. At the same time, on the initiative of Focus Bari, the results were compared with the average Greek attitude towards Technology & Culture, data derived from FocusonTechLife Web (B16).


According to the results of the research, ADAF, celebrating 15 years of constant presence on the cultural map, continues to excite the audience, with 96.6% to declare fairly satisfied with the exhibition and the whole experience.

ADAF always aims to be at the heart of developments, sensing the trends of society and culture. Focus Bari’s research highlights the main trends of the Greek public, opening new roads to the cultural industry.


Focus Bari is a leading market research agency, boasting a 29-year successful operation in the Greek market, a wealth of experience in the areas of Media, Advertising, Technology and Telecoms, and enjoying international reputation in its specializations.  Focus Bari offers tailor-made solutions that help its customers grow through growth of their own Customers’ Experiences.  Adopting a 360-human-centric approach, Focus Bari deploys its know-how and expertise in human behaviour, insights and behavioral economics in combination with adequate tools and models, to support business customers in maximizing their results.


ADAF AR Poster is out and about

AR POSTER is out and about!

The Tribute to the 15 years of Athens Digital Arts Festival is almost here!


ADAF AR is the first ever greek Augmented Reality app with cultural content, created by */ Athens Digital Arts Festival.

Download the ADAF AR now:

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Get your free ticket at :

Tribute to the 15 years of Athens Digital Arts Festival
10 & 11 May 2019
Stadiou 41, ex shopping center FOKAS

Women in Media Technology | Open Air Screenings | 1 & 2 of June

In the context of the annual  Athens Digital Arts Festival and the “Tribute to the 15th Anniversary of the Digital Arts Festival” on June 1 and 2, 2019, the newly renovated Pedestrian Street of Miltiadou Street will be transformed into a large summer cinema for a 2-day full of Video Art & Animation screenings as well as special tributes and premieres.

Women in Media Technology

The matrix of the future

At a time when technological developments completely differentiate the modern lifestyle and social relations, the empowerment of women is still a key issue. Emphasizing on their works and their contribution to art, technology and science is important in order to create the right ground for combating inequalities and exclusion.

The integrated theme, “Women in media technology”, consists of the open air screenings of 10 films of digital cinema & animation, of which five are presented for the first time to the Greek public. This tribute is being held in the framework of the Festival, as a special memorial to women in the workplace and, specifically, to the cruel, male-dominated area of ​​technology and art. The aim of the special tribute is to raise awareness among women about issues related to women in the workplace and its place in the world of research, innovation and technology, highlighting women’s examples but quoting the only way of managing the media and the thematic ones in the workplace field of digital arts.

The issue of work inequality is a treaty that has been very much concerned, with the impact of the economic crisis on the labor market to intensify it. High unemployment rates among young people as well as in groups treated with bias (eg women) have been particularly important in the context of efforts to eradicate job inequality. The problem of gender discrimination in the labor market is one of the oldest and most deeply rooted, and many rights have been claimed, and many conquests have been made to improve it, yet there are obviously prejudices in which some fields of work are even more outrageous.

The area of ​​technology and innovation is one of the main fields facing this type of bias between the two sexes, not only at the level of production but also in the belief that they can be properly used as a female sex. This subcategory of art is based on the use of new technological means, which from the very beginning was a male-dominated scene without missing the brilliant logarithms of the exception of female authors.

With the emergence of the remarkable work of female artists in the industry, we give the strong signal that the production and use of technology is enjoyed by both genders. By stepping on women’s creators to showcase their remarkable work through the festival, we are promoting the production of new media art by women by providing a way to women’s creators for equal opportunities in the workplace. At the same time, by encouraging the public to critically examine the similarities and differences in the use of the media, as well as the viewpoint – the opinion, the dissemination – of the themes that concern the community, we help to eradicate the prejudices and to raise public awareness, the intimacy of viewers with their work, and so their recognition, which you consider to be a skill in the arts.

With the aim to offer a special mention to women, highlighting their work in the field of art, technology, research and innovation, within the framework of the 15th Athens Digital Arts Festival, we invite you to a two-day event of Open Air Screenings, with free entrance. The program of the film tribute includes first screenings and access to people with disabilities.


Saturday 1 June 2019


Introduction by Ilias Chatzichristodoulou

Kamilya Issaliyeva | #OurHeritage | Kazakhstan (premiere)

Mohamed Allam | My Εxtended Αrm | Egypt (premiere)

Laura Hyunjhee Kim | Diary Dreams of Three | USA – South Korea (premiere)

APOTROPIA | Timepulse | Italy (premiere)

Alessandro Amaducci | Shedding | Italy (premiere)


Furen Dai | Language Product | China

Maria Fernanda Bertero | Technolapse | Ecuador

Nicole Rayburn | Ya – why so negative? | Canada

Johanna Reich | A drone painting, black square on white ground | Germany

Elena Knox | Pathetic Fallacy | Australia

Conversation with the audience


Sunday 2 June 2019

Εισαγωγή από τον Ηλία Χατζηχριστοδούλου

Kamilya Issaliyeva | #OurHeritage | Kazakhstan (premiere)

Mohamed Allam | My Εxtended Αrm | Egypt (premiere)

Laura Hyunjhee Kim | Diary Dreams of Three | USA – South Korea (premiere)

APOTROPIA | Timepulse | Italy (premiere)

Alessandro Amaducci | Shedding | Italy (premiere)


Furen Dai | Language Product | China

Maria Fernanda Bertero | Technolapse | Ecuador

Nicole Rayburn | Ya – why so negative? | Canada

Johanna Reich | A drone painting, black square on white ground | Germany

Elena Knox | Pathetic Fallacy | Australia

Conversation with the audience



* / Athens Digital Arts Festival 2019
Women in media technology
18 Miltiadou str., Historic center of Athens
Saturday 1/6/2019, 20:00 – 23:30
Sunday 2/6/2019, 20:00 – 23:30



The tribute “Women in Media Technology” is implemented through the Operational Program “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning” and is co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the Greek state. Its co-funded projects deal mostly with the improvement of education and employment in Greece. Its main targets relate to the development and promotion of human resources skills, activities against unemployment, strengthen social cohesion and social inclusion of vulnerable social groups, improvement of the quality of education & lifelong learning, awareness on environmental education, linking education with the labor market. The film tribute has free admission and it’s accessible to disabled people.

The tribute “Women in Media Technology” is implemented as part both of the EU-wide communications campaign called “Europe in My Region”, run as a way to encourage citizens to discover and learn more about EU-funded projects near them.

In collaboration: Attica Region
Organization: Organization of Culture, Sport and Youth of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA)

Gold Tourism Award 2019

For once more ADAF is GOLD!

Yesterday, at a great ceremony of Boussias Communications and Tourism Awards, we got the GOLD prize under the category “Festival”!

We are so proud, excited and thankful!
Cheers to the upcoming good news!

We would like to thank Οργανισμός Πολιτισμού, Αθλητισμού και Νεολαίας Δήμου Αθηναίων and Περιφέρεια Αττικής !

Special thanks to Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” for the constant, annual collaboration with ADAF and the parallel activities we organize throughout the year!

#ADAF #award #tourismawards #gold


Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), the representative of Greece in the international digital art scene, celebrates 15 years of constant presence with a great tribute event on 〰 10 and 11 of May  〰,  opening for the first time to the audience 〰the ex-shopping center FOKAS, at 41 Stadiou Str〰.
🎉Friday 10/5, K.BHTA​ & Voltnoi 
🎉Saturday 11/5, Stefanos Tsitsopoulos, Producer of Athens Voice Radio 102.5
on decks of the Tribute to the 15 years of Athens Digital Arts Festival
🎉Saturday 11/5, Performance “Evolution of the Garden” by Lily Hassioti and Dimitra Kousteridou
🧬Emphasizing on its DNA, it presents to the public a multi-dimensional program with
impressive interactive installations
➡ web art by COSMOTE Fiber
➡ top-of-the-top Video Art & Animation projects
➡explosive DJ Sets
as well as interactive booths for the audience, artists and volunteers, who will have an active role to this celebration as they form the nucleic acid of its genetic code.
A tribute to all these artists, collaborators, institutions and volunteers who have been supporting the Festival for 15 years.🚀
This two-day event will include some of the most impressive works by artists who have participated in the entire history of the Festival, as one of its main aims is to promote artists and to develop the Cultural and Creative Industry in Greece. The tribute will feature live sets, in a super-festive mood.
May, the festival’s milestone, the cradle that brought it to life, is the perfect time for this retrospective action that is dedicated to its history. Returning to its roots, ADAF reactivates, this time, the ex-shopping center FOKAS, at 41 Stadiou Street, in the heart of the city, with a great celebration of contemporary culture in Athens.
Participants and friends of the Festival, you are all honorary guests. Visit the tribute event and celebrate 15 years of digital art in Athens!
We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Unified Fund for Supplementary Insurance and Lump-sum Benefits and to the Governor, Nikos Brikis, as well as the Program of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity “Recovery of the Historic Center of Athens – Exploitation in terms of social return” of the property on Stadiou Street 41, which hosts the International Festival of Digital Arts in Greece.
Without their valuable help, it would not be possible to carry out our activities.
Tribute to the 15 years of Athens Digital Arts Festival
10 – 11 May 2019
Stadiou 41, ex shopping center FOKAS
15:00 – 00:00
In Cooperation: Attica Region
Coorganization: OPANDA
With the support: ETEAEP – Integrated Fund For Supplementary Pensions & Lump Sum Benefits | Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity “Recovery of the Real Estate of the Historic Center of Athens – Exploitation in terms of social return”

Two new categories : Games & VR

15 Years of Digital Art in Athens

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), the Greek representative in the international digital art scene, keeps living up to its standards and plays a leading role in the field in the last15. Providing a diverse program for all kinds of audiences, the Festival has become a benchmark of digital culture and innovation.

This year, ADAF returns more renewed than ever, as it’s preparing an anniversary event for its 15thbirthday with the title The World is a Hologram. This year, an addition has been made to the diverse programme of ADAF, which has to do with Games and Virtual Reality (VR). With these new categories, visitors will have the chance to roam around / wander in multiple virtual interfaces with various graphic styles, from 8bit to holograms and VR. A huge collection of carefully chosen games will provide the audience a way to become the main character of the experience, to spend time in parallel universes, or to challenge their opponents in one of the collaborative games of the collection. From more traditional mediums like joysticks to the newest technological advances in the field like data gloves, this year’s exhibits plans to combine art with gaming in order to fascinate us and give us a chance to live a unique narrative (-al) and aesthetical experience.

From dancing robots to biometric headsets that can read your mind, this year’s ADAF is organizing one more event which will transport us to the magical world of the future. The annual event is celebrating its 15thbirthday on the 9th – 12thof May this year and will take place in an iconic place of Athens. An ode to the digital culture will bring the audience closer to the most modern and remarkable creations from the worlds of arts and technology.


Take a sneak-peek on what is being prepared:

Instagram: @ADAFgreece

Facebook: @ADAFgreece

ADAF | Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”

Once again, Athens Digital Arts Festival and the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” establish a creative collaboration, welcoming the visitors of Athens to the city, with a taste of digital arts.

Entering to Athens, you can also enter the future!

ADAF Artwork Installations for the Underground Link (Plateau 3 & 4) in the International Airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

A series of modern artistic facilities will add value and upgrade the Underground Link of the airport that connects the Main Terminal Building with the Satellite Building. Our goal is to offer the passengers that pass through this route (600m) and through thematic zones (namely Plateau 3 & 4), impressive works of modern art.

Through a creative dialogue, ADAF presents works that bring a pleasant surprise to the traveling public while promoting critical thinking. At the same time, the audience enjoys a unique audiovisual experience through diverse artistic facilities either arriving or leaving  Athens.

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15th Anniversary ADAF | Call for Volunteers

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) announces its 15th-anniversary edition between 9 – 12 of May 2019. This year, the Festival will take place in Athens, under the theme The World is a Hologram. As anything one can imagine can become reality, ADAF 2019 aims to explore the infinite scenarios for the future through the triptych art – science – technology.

ADAF 2019 collected 3.574 proposals from  3.530 artists (103 countries) who responded to our Open Call.

You can watch our video documentation of the last Festival (May 2018) and see how ADAF brings the magic of the future through unique immersive experiences.

Athens Digital Arts Festival invites you to join the team!

Volunteers are a vital part of Athens Digital Arts Festival. Every year, plenty of creative people join the Festival’s team in order to develop their abilities and help in all sectors of the festival, such as in the audience reception, exhibition set-up, and production as well as in guided tours.

By participating at ADAF you will have the opportunity to live a unique experience and contribute, according to your dexterity, skills, interests, and availability, to all creative and organizational processes of the 15th edition of the festival. If you are over 18, please fill in the following form. Deadline: 15.3.2019

Submit Now

At the end of the festival, all volunteers will receive a certificate of participation.
More Info: volunteers@adaf.gr

*/ 15th Athens Digital Arts Festival | 9 – 12 May 2019
2019.adaf.gr | #ADAF2019 #HoloWorld