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Come join the dynamic team of The Athens Digital Arts Festival for an ultimate volunteer experience!


The Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) is back with its 17th annual event “Tāctus,” a theme that aims to redefine human connection and relationships. This year’s festival will launch with an online edition on September 20th and peak with a physical exhibition in the Historic Center of Athens, from October 13th to October 17th.

For this, ADAF needs YOU!

Volunteers play a vital part in The Athens Digital Arts Festival. Every year, a group of wonderful creative people gather to join the Festival’s team in order to support the festival while developing their own skills, knowledge and experience. Whether you will assist in audience reception, exhibition set-up, production or guided tours, you will certainly leave with an enriched, fun, unique experience as well as an official participation certificate. Your role will depend on your preferences, skill set, interests and availability.

If you are over 18 and feel you is the right fit to join our team, please fill in the following form before September 26th, 2021.

ADAF x Plisskën Festival 2021

ADAF + PLISSKEN team-up to enhance your two-day experience at this year’s  Plisskën Festival with an Immersive, Interactive Light & Sound Sculpture Installation.

The Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) and Plisskën Festival team up to enhance your two-day musical experience with an Immersive, Interactive Light and Sound Sculpture Installation.

Just one week prior to the ONLINE launch of the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival, and one month before the PHYSICAL exhibition taking place between the 13th -17th of October in the Historic Center of Athens, Plisskën will host an ADAF – commissioned work to give you a little taste of what to expect for the forthcoming Athens Digital Arts Festival.

Plisskën Festival, one of the leading Greek music festivals of the past decade,  returns on the 11th & 12th of September at Technopolis with a diverse,  fresh line-up featuring renowned and up-and-coming artists from the contemporary music scene.

Headliners this year include the superchic psych-rock band LA FEMME, as well as the enigmatic psychedelic experimental rock collective, GOAT.



The installation was commissioned by Athens Digital Arts Festival 
Artist: Yiannis Kranidiotis
Visuals & graphics for special presentation in Plisskën Festival 2021: Anastasia Macmanous

*/ 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Extended Call for Entries – Festival Dates

The 17th International Festival for Digital Arts in Greece Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF),  invites the artistic, technological and scientific – and not only- world to submit their proposals for its hybrid (online and physical ) edition.


Titled “Tāctus”  the festival reflects upon the renstate of human connection both as communication and physical contact.


The deadline for application for  ADAF 2021 is extended till the 5th of September 2021 due to popular demand from the artistic and scientific community.


Exploring the repurpose of connection/contact, interaction and connectivity as it occured through the period of the pandemic our festival is returning again to the physical world with its first hybrid edition.



ONLINE @ ONLINE.ADAF.GR: 20.09.21 – 31.10.21



The festival attracts and presents works by artists from all over the world in 11 categories.

Connect with us at the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Tāctus 



ADAF Won Three Tourism Awards 2021

Athens Digital Arts Festival won two Gold and one Silver Awards at this year’s Tourism Awards!

ADAF won the GOLD Award for its 16th edition, “Let’s Get Phygital”, which was a safe, outdoor event during the Covid-19 pandemic, following all safety precautions. A collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, the Technopolis of Athens and the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of Athens.

The second GOLD award concerns the collaboration of the International Festival of Digital Arts of Greece with the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” for the project: “The Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos, in the modern digital age”.

Lastly, the third prize, in the Silver category, was won by the collaboration of ADAF with the Municipality of Piraeus for the project “Bright and Digital Spectacles in Piraeus | Christmas 2020-2021”.

The awards ceremony of the Tourism Awards 2021 took place in the Peristyle of the Zappeion Megaron, in an astounding and full of surprises night. It is an emblematic institution in the field of tourism, which nominates the pioneers of the industry. The event was organized by Boussias company.

ΑDAF the Invited Festival at the Exhibition “Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis – in the Belt of Change” at the International Art Exhibition “The Tides of the Century” in Hainan Ocean Flower Island, China 2021

Greece is the Country of Honor at the International Art Exhibition in Hainan, China 2021. Its Exhibition “Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis – in the Belt of Change” is designed as an immersive experience for the public to imagine histories and futures, as well as to highlight the concepts of interaction, dialogue and fluidity.


Hainan, literally means ‘south of the sea’ and is the largest Island of China. In June 2020, a large-scale plan was announced by the Chinese government to transform the entire province with the aim of turning it into the largest special economic zone in China. Ocean Flower Island, built on Hainan, is the world’s largest flower-shaped man-made cultural tourism island, 1.5 times bigger than Palm Island in Dubai. An ingenious architectural complex of 8 grandiose museum buildings adorns the New Landmark for World Cultural Tourism. The International Art Exhibition “Tides of the Century” that inaugurates the museum complex on the island aspires to see that art as a common language of humanity to respond to the issues and challenges of this century. Chinese and International Artists from 24 Countries are participating in this great event.


This year Greece and China are celebrating “Greece-China Year for Culture and Tourism “for the first time, During this same year Greece Celebrates the 200 year anniversary of the National Revolution that led to the establishment of Modern Greece one of the earliest Modern European Nations. 

The Exhibition “Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis – in the Belt of Change” is part of the Greece-China Year of Culture and Tourist 2021 and is presented under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign affairs – Secretariat General for Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad, The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, The Hellenic Ministry of Tourism, the Greek National Tourism Organization and the Municipality of Athens.

The Exhibition brings together an eclectic selection of works (sculptures, installations, videos, multimedia works, and digital art) by pioneer Greek artists or artists of Greek origin.

At the Entrance Hall of the exhibition, leading to the three main areas, visitors can get a taste of Greek culture and touristic development, as well as showcasing the International Festival of Digital Arts in Greece, ATHENS DIGITAL ARTS FESTIVAL represented by the work of 21 Greek artists exploring the digital world and its extensions.





Alex Karantanas | Singularity (2016/17) | 07:13 min

Alexandra Mavrofridi | LETHAL HAND (2019) | 02:41 min

Anestis Anestis | A Natural History of Exotic Extinctions (2018) | 07:26 min

Antonis Rozakis | Escape shadows (from Athens) (2015) | 02:43 min

ARos & Christina |Interference | 0.7 (2016) | 04:11 min

Eleana Dimopoulou | SISYPHUS (2016) | 01:20 min

Eleni Chamou | Filter bubble (2016) | 02:10 min

Eremus | Glitching Queerness/Queering Glitch (2018) | 09:24 min

Evi Stamou | Memory Lane (2016) | 03:20 min

Gelly Pentefounti | Much Ado About Nothing (2016) | 03:30 min

Iris Bournazou | Ichnos (2019) | 00:10 min

Kakia Konstantinaki | Us (2017) | 04:37 min

Makis Kyriakopoulos | What is a Man Without a Shadow (2020) | 03:20 min

Manolis Anastasakos | BIOMIMICRY “Into The Light”-Bioluminescence -green (532 & 520 nm) (2017) | 05:00 min

Maria Papapostolou | ECTASIS-ECTOPLASIS II (2016) | 03:21 min

Myrto Amorgianou | Datamoshed Elevator (2018) | 01:37 min

Orestis Charos | The wave behind us (2017) | 03:05 min

Pamela Stefanopoulou | The Voices of Silence (2015) | 01:52 min

Yannis Kranidiotis & Situ Xiaochun | “inout” (2021) | 03:24 min

Theodora Prassa | Lavyrinthos (2017) | 02:45 min

Thomas Valianatos | Fractus machine_Cosmos (2016) | 03:34 min


Video program duration: 76 min 43 sec | 1 hour 16 mins 43 sec


Curated by:

Ilias Chatzichristodoulou (ADAF Founder and Director)

Katerina Koskina (supported by POLITES non-profit civil law corporation)

Eirini Olympiou (ADAF Video Art Curator)


About ADAF:

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), the pioneer longest living institution in Greece dedicated to audiovisual culture and digital arts (est.2005), is Greece’s official representative in the international scene of digital arts and culture. Athens Digital Arts Festival celebrates digital culture by bringing together every year a n international artistic community with thousands of visitors through an innovative and versatile public programme. Athens Digital Arts Festival takes great pride in being an inclusive and multi-layered institution that emphasizes the relation between Art, Science, and Technology and features artistic forms of expression such as web art, interactive installations, animation, digital image, VR/AR/MR, and digital applications as well as exhibitions, screenings, and live performances. ADAF from its early years aimed to embrace all communities –Greek as well as international –linked to digital culture and through its course has succeeded to maintain and empower this connection mainly by being rooted in its community and fostering network collaboration while providing an open platform for artistic expression. ADAF aims to inspire artists to experiment, create and express themselves by using all technological and audiovisual means, as well as to inform, educate and familiarize the audience with digital arts. ADAF has developed, through its 17 years course, a leading-edge and prominent educational program that includes Academic presentations, International Tributes, Workshops and Masterclasses that reflect on the artistic and visual language of digital mediums and its aesthetics. Being part of a large international network of festivals, it’s how cases work representing the international contemporary artistic and technological production. Athens Digital Arts Festival has received numerous awards for its achievements in many fields and was recently awarded by EFEE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe), an internationally acclaimed organization that measures and sets the quality standards for recognition and establishment for European Arts Festivals.


Hainan Ocean Flower Island

Guest Country Greece

Pavilion 6

End of the exhibition: 8.12.2021



Chinese International Exhibition Agency (CIEA)

Ocean Flower Island Museum


Katerina Koskina


Kostas Konstantinidis


Architectural Design & Lighting

Maria Maneta

Academic Research & Exhibition Content


Digital Arts Expert

Ilias Chatzichristodoulou

Curatorial Assistance

Seta Astreou Karides


PostScriptum / POLITES


Lydia Xu

Coordinator .GR

Katia Demertzi

Coordinator .CN

Eric Cai – Alicia Cai

Art Handling & Logistics .GR


Art Handling & Logistics .CN

Shanghai Heighten International Transportation Co. Ltd 


Karavias, Coverholder at Lloyds

Special Guest



ADAF participates in Αudiovisual Αrts Festival of Ionion University

ADAF is a proud collaborator of the 14 th Audiovisual Arts Festival by Ionion University and we are  inviting you at its opening that will take place this Thursday 13th May via internet at 20:00

Link to the opening and activities:

Festival Link:

Festival activities will take place over the world wide web from the 13th to the 31st of May 2021




Artist activities

Music Events

Educational Workshops 

Scientific announcements



220 undergraduates

50 Post Graduates

20 PhD and alumni

40 participants from the Center of Continuous learning | OPERN ART

15 Professors







European Art-Science-Technology Network (EASTN-DC)

Institute for Digital Arts, University of Western Macedonia

Helmca (Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association) Continuous Learning| OPEN ART

Corfu Photography Association 

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF)







Andreas Floros Reactor Ionian University

Rodi Kartsa Regional Governor of Ionian Islands

Meropi Idraiou  Mayor of Corfu

Dimos Dimitriadis Dean of Faculty of Music & Audio Visual Arts Ionian University

Andreas Giannakoulopoulos President of Faculty of Audio and Visual Arts Ionian University

Andreas Mniestris principal of ERIMEE ( Lab for Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications )

Nikolaos Kannelopoulos  Dean of Faculty of Audio and Visual Arts Ionian University

Marianna Strapatsaki Dean of Faculty of Audio and Visual Arts Ionian University




Konstantinos Tiligadis – assoc. Dean Faculty of Audio and Visual Arts Ionian University

Angelos Floros- Festival Art Director

Apostolos Loufopoulos- Head of Festival Musical Activities committee

Natalila Onorato head of Educational Activities AV school

Michalis Panagopoulos Head of Convention Steering Commitee DCAC 

Giannis Zannos Scientific Directors EASTN-DC

Alexandra Kalaitzoglou  FOTO LE.KE ( Corfu Photography Association)

Vasilis Mpoyzas – Director URC TIMENOS University of Western Macedonia

Ilias Chatzichristodoulou – founder and director of Athens Digital Arts Festival

Mary Zigoyri Artist


A few words

The 14th Audiovisual Arts Festival of the Ionian University is organised by the dep. Audio and Visual Arts (ΤΤΗΕ)  and the Lab for Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications (ΕΡΗΜΕΕ)  part of  the faculty for Music Studies of the Ionian University.

The festival Program will unravel between the 13th and the 31st of May and is covering a broad spectrum of artistic educational and scientific activities.

Looking toward openness the 14th festival of audiovisual arts has collaborated with the Institute for audiovisual Arts from the Academic Educational Center  “TIMENOS” by the University of Western Macedonia , the educational center for continuous learning (KEDIVIM) by Ionian University, Athens Digital Arts Festival, the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association (ESSIM) and local cultural institutions such as the Region of Ionian Islands, Corfu photography association ( PHOTO LE.KE) and the Committee for Social Compassion of the Regional Office of Scouts in Corfu,  as well as distinguished figures from the performance art world such as Mary Zigouri, Filippos Tsitsopoulos, and Michalis Mitrou

Targeting the artistic creation of the students, the audiovisual arts festival has organised online the 7th series of seminars and workshops Avschool( )  between the 24-27of May and the 3rd international symposium Digital Cultures and AudioVisual Challenges (DCAC) ( ) between the 28th and 29th of May 2021.

The long term activities of the festival are receiving international participations having this year  invited artist from the BioArt genre Adam Zaretsky  and Marta de Menezes collaborators of Drama Pitching Lab of Drama International short film festival  and Interactive arts lab  (InArts) from the Ionian University as well as  the Cultivamos Cultura Institute of Portugal

Notable collaboration is this with the European Art – Science Technology Network for Digital Creativity (EASTN-DC)  which is allowing artists and educational activities to be a part of the 14th festival, presenting a special circle of announcements in the conference Digital Cultures and AudioVisual Challenges.  Distinctive participants are Georgios N Yannakakis and Daniel Ballin






Festival site: 



On the occasion of the celebrations of the 200 years since the Greek Revolution and in the framework of the exhibition “Beholding Liberty! At the Hellenic Parliament, two centuries later”, an implementation of a special projection made by 3D mapping technique on the western façade of the Hellenic Parliament Building, is being made, aiming on promoting the historic fringe, adornment  of the gallery room “Eleftherios Venizelos” on which one can see scenes and figures of the National Liberation Struggle in 1821.

This 3D mapping projection is produced by the International Festival for Digital Arts in Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) in collaboration with the curatorial team of the exhibition, the head of the Parliamentary Library Maria Kamilaki and the manager of the art collection in the Greek Parliament, Thodoris Koytsogiannis

Utilizing cutting edge technology, such as 3D virtual tours and projection mapping, and combining them with contemporary tools for digitalization we created a monumental spectacle which describes the historic fringe and its position in the building of the Greek Parliament. This 10 min audiovisual projection, accompanied by unique sound, complements the spatial elements of the building, facilitated by special lightning which for the first time exploits the insides of the building in 360 perception.

This exhibition focusing on the notion of Liberty, focuses on the “Fringe” as its main element, which is the first institutional depiction of the National Liberation Struggle. The artpiece is 59 meters long and depicts 20 historic representations of the greek revolution. It was created between the years 1842-43, commissioned by the Bavarian king Ludwig 1st, and created by the also Bavarian artist Ludwig Michael von Schwanthaler.

The narration of the projection begins with the Greek Flag, the virtual entrance to the gallery room “Eleftherios Venizelos” and follows the whole history as narrated on the fringe, while showing additionally the 14 portraits of heroes, politicians and military men that adorn the Room of Adjutants, bringing them to life as a commentary,  and concluding with the “Hymn to Liberty”

ADAF was awarded last year with the Gold and Platinum Awards in Lighting AWARDS 2020 and for its 3D mapping projections with title “organiser of the year”in Event Awars 2020. This year, with honor, has taken upon itself to present the historic fringe of  El.Venizelos room of the Greek Parliament through a projection of monumental size.





Ilias Chatzichristodoulou – Founder and Director Athens Digital Arts Festival

Lydia Lampropoulou – Art Director

Konstantinos Garinis aka VJ CODEC – 3D Animation & Mapping Projection

Dimitrios Schinarakis – Image Processing & Illustration

Konstantina Tsiga– 2D Animation

Anastasia Manou – Montage

Fanis Sakellariou– Sound Design

Iannis Pantazidis – Project Management

Aris Galinos – Video Documentation

Stergios Papaevangelou – Video Documentation

Chris Douris– Live Streaming

Konstantinos Samaras– Photography

Manolis Karamanolis – Photography

Projection installation & Mapping: Videotooth

Management – A/V Equipment: OVAL Advertising

#ADAFGreece #ADAF2021 |

“ADAPT” a documentary about the first ADAF ONLINE festival

The International Festival for Digital Arts in Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF),the pioneer longest living institution dedicated to digital culture in the country (est.2005), is honoured to present ADAPT, a documentation about the first ADAF ONLINE festival. The first Digital Art Online Streaming Festival of Greece that took place in 2020-2021 at the world wide web, launching the Online Cultural Reality.

ADAPT is a film that depicts the structures and challenges of creating an online event, explaining at the same time how something exclusively digital remains as alive and breathing as a physical event. Addressing and engaging such a huge and diverse audience from all over the globe, especially under the unfortunate circumstances of covid-19 era, ADAF ONLINE was one of the first festivals in Europe to happen online and the first in Greece. Athens Digital Arts festival as a pioneer in exploring digital culture, always pushes forward towards tech expansions, had long planned its online embodiment which is finally here to stay 

This stand alone online experience through a plethora of categories that spread from video to interactive web art, VR experiences, 3D virtual tours and streaming live events, succeeded a wide dissemination towards the audience, presenting a large number of artworks from every corner of the world. The viewers, without any geographical barrier, decided to browse within the pages of the festival, subscribe to the platform and watch live streaming events, premieres, talks and workshops. Highlight of the audience-platform interaction was the voting procedure, which led to the nomination of ADAF AWARDS in a wonderful phygital (physical and digital) ceremony.

ADAPT is narrating the story of ADAF ONLINE through the eyes of the director Anastasia Manou.

Watch the trailer here

Watch the documentary here:


OPEN ART 2020-21

OPEN ART 2020-21

 Distance Learning Program for Art and Technology

Second Admission-Free Study Circle


OPEN ART is an Education Training program for Lifelong Learning taking place by Ionian University of Greece with the sponsorship of the International Festival for Digital Arts in Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival for the second time. This program is aiming in highlighting the role of education in the reconstitution of contemporary democratic culture by offering artistic practice as research, without any admission fee. This year circle is focusing on Transmedia Art  as manifested under the disciplines of :  Art, Technology, Science and Society.

This is the second edition of a very successful endeavour in collaboration with the Lifelong Learning Program (KEDIVIM) of Ionian University. Last year, OPEN ART offered a study circle on Interactive Media & Performance in Public Space with Marianthi Tzislaki- Kotsanoy (mkaza) as invited lecturer. Creations from this seminar were presented in “Lets Get Phygital” exhibition of Athens Digital Arts Festival in October 2020 and more will be presented in upcoming events from the Audiovisual Department of Ionian University as well as Athens Digital Arts Festival.


This year we have invited Anna Vasof an architect, artist and scholar from the School for Applied Arts in Vienna, specialist on Transmedia Art. Her very important work has won numerous distinctions in exhibitions and film festivals, while she is currently working on designing innovative mechanisms for the production of critical and narrative video, actions and installations.

The class is designed for a limited amount of students while the program duration is 5 weeks and afternoon hours. The program will start in the beginning of April and end in mid May and selected artworks will have the opportunity to be presented in a conjoined event by Ionian University and Athens Digital Arts Festival.

The participants will be selected by the OPEN ART committee. All applicants are called to submit their CV, portfolio and motivation letter. The participants who conclude the circle and successfully present their work will receive certification from KEDIVIM of Ionian University.

This seminar refers to 

Anyone who wants to transform everyday life to artistic work through experimentation, humour observation and critical thinking. 


Applicants should be fluent in Greek as the seminar will take place in Greek and have good knowledge in English. Knowledge on video and image editing will be considered an asset.

This program is funded by Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF)

Deadline for Applications is 22nd of March 2021

For applications click here.

ADAF @ Fotonica Festival

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), seals its collaboration with Fotonica Festival by participating in this years “Twitch & VR Edition” with the AV performance “Anapnea, Resumption of breathing after a period of halted respiration” by Giorgos Grigorakos.

When: Saturday, December 19 2020 | 23:00 > 23:45
Where : VJ Television
Duration: 40 min.

Promo Video :

For further information about the Fotonica Festival HERE

More information about Giorgos Grigorakos performance HERE


Stay tuned for more surprises!