The 18th ADAF is here and it is FutuRetro!

*/ 18th Athens Digital Arts Festival | FutuRetro | Call for Entries


The 18th Athens Digital Arts Festival invites you to submit your proposals for its next hybrid (physical and online) edition that will take place in spring and fall 2022 respectively, in Athens, under the theme “FutuRetro” which calls us to see the future through the eyes of the past and the past through the eyes of the future. Deadline for submissions is on the 1st of March 2022.


Futurology as a science, is a branch of social studies, parallel to the field of History. Is postulating the probable, possible, and preferable scenarios and the worldviews for the future, also taking under consideration the beliefs  and myths which imply them.

A precious instrument for this field has proven the art-genre of Science Fiction, from which one can easily ascertain that what begins as fictional, especially when it comes to a “technological marvel”, can indeed become a reality in the future. Aeroplanes, Spaceships, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Biotechnology, the Anthropocene era, are some of the ideas and notions that have materialized through science and technology after originally being fictitious mentions in fantasy futures or alternative realities of this art genre. Criticizing the route of contemporary and future society, Science Fiction and Futurology are often taking the form of contestation, while exploring the possible ramifications of innovation, in society, science and technology. With this quality they are capturing the “cultural wallpaper” and warn about its probable  evolution.

“And because today’s real life so resembles day-before-yesterday’s fantasy, the old-time fans are restless. Deep within, whether they admit it or not, is a feeling of disappointment and even outrage that the outer world has invaded their private domain. They feel the loss of a ‘sense of wonder’ because what was once truly confined to ‘wonder’ has now become prosaic and mundane.”– Isaac Asimov

Next to futurology comes the aesthetic movement of retrofuturism. Frequently emanating from dissatisfaction towards the present, retrofuturism is attempting a depiction of the future, as dreamed on at an earlier age, offering skepticism and implying the reevaluation of technological means. It explores the relationship of the past and the future, and in extension  the impact of technology which appears sometimes alienating and sometimes empowering, through a nostalgic contrast. If futurism is characterized by the feverish anticipation of what will come, retrofuturism is the reminder of this anticipation.

“Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you.”- Patrick Dixon 

The International Festival of Digital Arts in Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival has chosen the theme FutuRetro, with a retrospective mood for its coming of age 18th edition ADAF 2022. Taking on the occasion of the contemporary discomfort and scepticism over the present time, especially after the pandemic and economic crisis, the climate change e.t.c. The festival is turning towards science fiction and retrofuturism -as part of futurology- to see the technological milestones of today both through the eyes of the past, and as foreshadowing for the future. What was the past speculating about the technology of the present? How is retro technology being reused today in the section of art – technology and science? Will the contemporary cutting edge technology e.g. NFTs, AI, Contemporary Robotics, Biotechnology e.t.c be considered the retro of tomorrow? Are the current tech speculations such as superintelligence, 3D bioprinting, mind uploading, singularity, transhumanism e.t.c. the actual future? What will that mean for humankind?

We call for artists, scientists, intellectuals, technologist and every other creator to submit their applications to the respective categories, Installations, Video Art, Performances, Web Art, Animation, Digital Image, VR/AR, Games, Talks, Workshops, Music, Kids (which contains all of the above addressed to children) till the 1st of March. All applications will be considered for assemblage of the 18th edition, physical and online, which will take place in spring and fall 2022 respectively. The shortlisted artists will be notified via email for the status of their application and details regarding the possible presentation of their work in any or both of the festival versions.

“Join us, in seeing the future through the eyes of the past and the past through the eyes of the future…”


Detailed information about the submission process and the call for entries is available at the following link:

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Call for Volunteers

Come join the dynamic team of The Athens Digital Arts Festival for an ultimate volunteer experience!


The Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) is back with its 17th annual event “Tāctus,” a theme that aims to redefine human connection and relationships. This year’s festival will launch with an online edition on September 20th and peak with a physical exhibition in the Historic Center of Athens, from October 13th to October 17th.

For this, ADAF needs YOU!

Volunteers play a vital part in The Athens Digital Arts Festival. Every year, a group of wonderful creative people gather to join the Festival’s team in order to support the festival while developing their own skills, knowledge and experience. Whether you will assist in audience reception, exhibition set-up, production or guided tours, you will certainly leave with an enriched, fun, unique experience as well as an official participation certificate. Your role will depend on your preferences, skill set, interests and availability.

If you are over 18 and feel you is the right fit to join our team, please fill in the following form before September 26th, 2021.

Open Air Screenings at the square of Agios Dimitrios in Ampelokipi

The “ADAF Open Air Screenings” returns in the context of the programme “Culture in Neighborhoods” by the Athens Culture Net of the Municipality of Athens.

On November 04, the square of Agios Dimitrios in Ampelokipi will be transformed into a large, open, cinematic event, with Animation and Video Art works by artists of the international digital art scene, aiming to impress children and adults.

We invite residents and visitors to a night of screenings – Open Air Screenings – with free admission.

Location: Agios Dimitrios Square, Ampelokipi

Date: 04/11/2022

Opening time: 19.30- 21.30

Free entrance

Innovative Workshops using Digital Technology

Children’s Museum of Thessaloniki , under the sponsorship and auspice of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is organizing a series of activities for children, utilising digital mediums and tech tools.

Two days of innovative workshops aiming towards children’s contact and familiarization with the merge of art and technology, is taking place in collaboration with the International Festival of Digital Arts of Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival and the educational program OPEN ART of Ionian University, adding up to the mosaic of expression play and education. Digital tools and technologies such as microprocessors, sensors and the secrets of animated image will create a unique experience of artistic expression, creation and education.

Taking under consideration the value and importance of digital technology in education, entertainment and contemporary everyday life, the creative and interactive two days workshops will help children discover new places and ways of expression. Tutors from the digital arts field will present contemporary practices in the meet point of art and technology, actively improving the knowledge level of every child on tech and art matters.

The Art and Technology workshops will take place on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of November 2022 and are designed for children from 4 to 13 years, as well as are applicable for sectors and institutions for  children hospitality.


Friday 04/11/2022

Making my first animation– Animation workshop

Instructor: Ilias Chatzichristodoulou, Founder and Director Athens Digital Arts Festival

Age: 4-8 yrs – Duration: 50 min

4 workshops delivered ( 15 seats each) at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30

Participation cost:3 euro 


Banana Party – experiential robotics workshops for children

Instructor: Angelos Floros, Assistant Professor, Department of Audio & Visual Arts – Ionian University
Scientific Responsible OPEN ART

Age :8-12 yrs – Duration : 60 min

3 workshops delivered ( 10 seats each) at 17:00, 18:00, 19:00

Participation cost:5 euro 


Saturday 05/11/2022

Live Painting with Light- workshop for creating animated neon paintings.

Instructor: Ilias Chatzichristodoulou, Founder and Director Athens Digital Arts Festival

Age:5-8 yrs – Duration :45 mins

4 workshops delivered (15 seats each) at10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00

Participation cost : 4 euro


Furry Robots– Experiential robotics workshop for kids

Instructor: Angelos Floros, Assistant Professor, Department of Audio & Visual Arts – Ionian University
Scientific Responsible OPEN ART

Age: 11-13 yrs – Duration: 60 mins

3 workshops delivered (10 seats each) at  17:00, 18:00, 19:00

Participation cost :  5 euro

During the aforementioned workshops there will be animation compilations screenings for kids. The specially curated animation artworks are coming from exceptional international festivals and are highlighting values such as family, friendship, environmental consciousness through fun and interesting stories.


The First Augmented Reality exhibition in Athens International Airport from ADAF

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF),in collaboration with the international Airport of Athens is presenting the first Augmented Reality (AR) exhibition in the premises of International Airport of Athens titled «culture path».

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF),in collaboration with the international Airport of Athens is presenting the first Augmented Reality (AR) exhibition in the premisses of International Airport of Athenstitled  «culture path». An interactive path for culture where with the  activation of technology, the works of Greek Cultural Heritage meet each other and talk with the works of modern and contemporary creation

«culture path» creates a dialogue between the past and the present with its gaze toward the future. The exhibition is taking place in other spots inside Athens Airport giving the opportunity to the visitors of Athens to explore this special path and to experience a unique and innovative cultural and artistic experience.

The choice of artworks has been done from the Ministry of Culture and Sports with the participation of Archaeological Museum of Olympia, National Museum of Contemporary Art, National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum, Underwater archaeological site of the Peristera Shipwreck Alonissos, National Archaeological Museum, Loverdos Museum, Byzantine and Christian Museum, Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, MOMus – Museum Alex Mylona, Archaeological Museum of Delphi, Museum of Royal Tombs at Aigai.

The exhibition space “ art and environment” on departure level ( entrance 3)/ is a space open 24h a day till 19.4.2023

Culture Path



Nicholas Yatromanolakis
Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports,

responsible for Contemporary Culture

Eleni Doundoulaki
Secretary General of Contemporary Culture​

Projects Advisors

Aggeliki Pouliou

Katerina Tseliou

Christianna Mantzourani

Collaboration with

Archaeological Museum of Olympia

National Museum of Contemporary Art

National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum

Underwater archaeological site of the Peristera Shipwreck Alonissos

National Archaeological Museum

Loverdos Museum, Byzantine and Christian Museum

Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

MOMus – Museum Alex Mylona

Archaeological Museum of Delphi

Museum of Royal Tombs at Aigai


Supervision – Coordination

Chara – Helene Mitsotakis

Head Public Relations & Culture


Founder and Director

Ilias Chatzichristodoulou

Project Management

Lydia Lampropoulou

Graphic Design

Constantinos Samaras

Video Creation

Nikolas A Tsounakas


Apolyto Creative Spot


Plan B

Athens Digital Arts Festival is utilizing cutting edge technology including augmented reality applications, 360 experiences, immersive experiences, 3D projection mapping, holograms, light installations indoors and outdoors and AI artworks.

ADAF is expanding its network, creating a worldwide connection where the knowledge the ideas and art are in dialogue. It is cultivating interconnections of communication and ideas and works with other festivals, universities and cultural institutions from Greece and abroad, exploring and presenting the most current international ideas in digital arts.

Starting in 2019 as a reaction to the international pandemic, ADAF has started the first online festival organizing and presenting ADAF ONLINE a international online platform of digital arts making the festival open to international audience without any geographic restraints.

Athens Digital Arts Festival is traditionally taking place in spring in the historic Center of Athens utilizing and reinstituting the milestones for the city, implicating the local communities and creating new paths where every one can explore experiences in the city through a new and unique way. At the same time in making stronger the connection and familiarization of the audience with the new media and digital culture with a huge program of parallel activities and collaborations through the whole duration of the year.

EDEN hosting Max Cooper & Nesa Azadikhah join forces with ADAF

EDEN Sunday parties and ADAF join forces yet again, offering unique audiovisual experiences, in order to creatively “shake” things up in Athens! It’s going to be a  party full of surprises, audiovisual installations in various rooms, a lounge area and a cocktail bar.

Max Cooper returns to Athens for an exclusive live a/v show – what will be an epic five-hour marathon – showcasing not just his impressive latest release ‘Unspoken Words’ but past favourites and a decidedly clubby techno mix. 

Alongside him for the ride, will be opening Iranian DJ producer Nesa Azadikhah!

ADAF and Greek artist, V.K. (aka Vasilis Kampouris) will present a specially designed “A.I. generative art machine”, inspired by the artist’s portraits and the architecture of the historic building of Athens Conservatoire.

Links:Instagram Cooper, along with Jessica In & Illust. Space and creative agency Uncharted Limbo, will give the audience the opportunity to see, for the first time, the “PVNP” project. An augmented reality visualization of Cooper’s ongoing study of the aesthetics of knowledge creation inspired by the architecture of the iconic building of the Athens Conservatoire and Herodes Atticus. 

The sculptures will be visible within the venue and at other important landmarks of the city, creating a walk of discovery, accessible via mobile devices with a QR code or through this link:

Links:Website www.maxcooper.netInstagram




Max Cooper has carved a unique space as an audio-visual artist with a science PhD and an international reputation as a leading electronic musician. His work carries an emotional resonance and sensory immersion, often focusing on humanity’s place in the world. He merges electronic music and visual art with scientific enquiry through installations, live performance, immersive audio-visual experiences, a range of digital media and award-winning music videos. From airy downtempo electronica, charged melodic techno and room shaking drum and bass, the Mesh label head’s live shows are guaranteed to traverse the full spectrum of electronic music.

Unspoken Words is Cooper’s 6th studio album and the latest in an impressive back catalogue that dates back to 2007, when he juggled studying Computational Biology with being resident DJ at a local techno club. He recently supplied the music for a powerful video narrated by Greta Thunberg and Pope Francis and played at COP26, urging world leaders to consider climate and environment in Covid recovery plans. From reimagining iconic venues like The Roundhouse and the Barbican, to being the first techno artist to perform at untouched gems like the Acropolis in Athens, each show is an intricately woven interplay between production, music, art and scientific enquiry. 

Expect impressive floor to ceiling visuals and hair-raising dancefloor material as Max Cooper gets set to present his most daring club project yet at one of Athens’  most iconic venues, Athens Conservatoire, on Sunday 30th October.


Athens Digital Arts Festival became a member of Network of Silk Road Arts Festival

Τhe international festival of Digital Arts in Greece Athens Digital Arts Festival was honored to be invited by China Shanghai International Arts Festival to become a member of  Network of Silk Road Arts Festivals which is an institution made to explore the application of digital technology in artistic projects.

The year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Greece. And a dialogue on China-Greece cultural exchanges and cooperation themed “classical arts interpreted in the modern language” was held in Shanghai on Wednesday.

During the event, the China Shanghai International Arts Festival signed an agreement online with ADAF for future cooperation.

Under the cooperation, ADAF will become a member of the Network of Silk Road Arts Festivals, which was established in 2017 under the initiation of the China Shanghai International Arts Festival. The network has so far attracted 172 artistic organizations from 46 countries and regions.

“I’m very glad to invite Shanghai partners and art followers to become part of the 19th ADAF scheduled for May 2023,” ADAF founder and director Ilias Chatzichristodoulou said, joining the dialogue online from Greece.

“Despite the impact of the pandemic, we have signed online agreements for future cooperation with 11 performing art groups and organizations from 10 countries since 2020,” said Li. “The festival is suspended, but our international communication and expectations toward the future will never stop.”


18ο Athens Digital Arts Festival, FutuRetro returns Online 15th September-15th October 2022

18ο Athens Digital Arts Festival, FutuRetro returns Online

15th September-15th October 2022

The International Festival for Digital Arts of Greece is presenting for the third consecutive year the fully updated online platform, available freely without any geographical restrictions.


In ADAF Online you can find a full program of permanent exhibitions and live events (talks, workshops, performances e.t.c.) which will be held in live streaming and will explore the thematic  “FutuRetro”, the future through the eyes of the past and the past through the eyes of the future.


Discover mor than 300 new and exciting works of digital art in the categories: video art, animation, performance, music, digital image, web art, special screenings workshops, talks and ADAF KIDS, for the restless younger audience, in live and on demand format.

Web image Julia Shamsheieva – Free Dome Universe 1.03  Cradle of Life


Important information:


By registering , every platform user can  book and manage their spot, for attending talks and workshops events, actively participating, together with gaining the opportunity to vote for the artworks of preference to be nominated for this year ADAF Awards.

In the Calendar you can discover our live events, where a different  category is dedicated to each day of the week, and get informed in time for the full lenght of talks, workshops, music and non music performances and screenings of this year’s program.

Photo from the workshop Volumetric Cinema, Current

By choosing the LIVE NOW button from the menu, the audience can enjoy all the live events in streaming on the date and time of their presentation, while the complete permanent exhibition can be experienced by choosing categories on the menu at any time.

The physical edition of the 18th Athens Digital Arts Festival took place between 25-29 of May 2022, with more than 600 works and over 17,000 visitors who had the chance to experience a unique digital art event in the heart of the historic city center of Athens, in Kotzia square and the building complex of the former notoshome department store.

ADAF is renewing its appointment with the audience for 2023 with a new thematic that will be announced together with the open call for its 19th edition in the very near future.


18th International Festival of Digital Arts in Greece-Athens Digital Arts Festival

Duration: 15th September-15th October 2022

Free entrance: 

#ADAF2022 #ADAFgreece #TheNewRetro #Futuretro #Futurology #Sci-Fi #Retrofuturism #ADAFonline

Open air Screenings at Varnava Square

On June 30, 2022  Varnava Square in Pagrati will be transformed into an open air cinema, aiming to impress children and adults, through a curated programme of Animation and VideoArt works from the 18th Athens Digital Arts Festival‘s thematic, “FutuRetro“.

The event takes place in the context of the programme “Culture in the Neighbourhoods” which takes place from 14 to 30 June 2022 in Pagrati with free admission for the public by Athens Culture Net of the Municipality of Athens.

Location: Varnava Square, Pagrati

Opening time: 21.00 – 23.00

Free entrance


ADAF participates in the AI TRACE pilot experience

During the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival, we had the opportunity to introduce the experience of AI TRACE to the public, a research project aiming to insert the use of artificial intelligence in the field of art and culture. The audience, after being accordingly informed would enter the specially designed room curated and provided to the project by ADAF , becoming the subject of the research, while simply interacted with the works.

Now, Athens Digital Arts Festival and AI TRACE  join forces once more, to present the pilot project. For this purpose, ADAF has curated a specially designed space with digital artworks in the MusiX LAB of the Association of Friends of Music, located in the premises of the Music Library “Lillian Voudouri”.

The research project AI TRACE (Aesthetic Correlation of Artificial Intelligence with Digital Arts and their Audience), following the preparatory research action that took place in October 2021 in the context of the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival, “Tāctus”, presents the pilot application developed in the context of its work. If you are interested in the use of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Culture, experimentation with Augmented Reality applications and interaction with digital artworks, we invite you to experience the AI TRACE application.

The presentation of the project will take place on Tuesday, 14/6/2022 & Thursday, 16/6/2022, 11:00 – 20:00. Click here to book your place.


ADAF @ Plisskën Festival 2022

ADAF + PLISSKEN team-up to enhance your two-day experience at this year’s  Plisskën Festival with an Immersive Room Experience.

Just two weeks after the physical version of the 18th Athens Digital Arts Festival, themed FutuRetro, Plisskën hosted a specially curated ADAF room full of projections and screenings aiming to impress and to immerse you.

Plisskën Festival, one of the leading Greek music festivals of the past decade,  returned on the 12h & 13th of June at Technopolis with a diverse,  fresh line-up featuring renowned and up-and-coming artists from the contemporary music scene.


Highlights of the 18th Athens Digital Arts Festival, FutuRetro!

18th Athens Digital Arts Festival – Highlights


25 – 29 May 2022

Kotzia Square – Building complex of  former notoshome

The 18th Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) successfully took place on 25-29 May 2022. The physical edition of the hybrid festival welcomed more than 17,000 visitors, who had the opportunity to live a unique digital art experience in the heart of the Historic Center of Athens, in Kotzia Square and in the former notoshome building complex.


This year’s festival explored the theme “FutuRetro”, inviting us to see the future through the eyes of the past, and the past through the eyes of the future.

Following the announcement of the open call in March, where more than 5,700 artists from Greece and all over the world submitted their works and proposals, the curatorial team of the festival made a final selection of 600 exciting works of digital art in the following categories: video art, installation, live performance, animation, virtual, augmented and extended reality (VR / AR / XR), projects, games, digital image, web art, creative workshops, talks and ADAF KIDS, a program specially curated for the younger audience of the festival.

In Kotzia Square, we witnessed the moon ‘’landing’’ on Earth with the impressive outdoor installation Museum of the Moon, by the British artist Luke Jerram.

The visitors also had the chance to admire Squidsoup’s Wave installation, a light experiment in the form of a dynamic wave sculpture, and enjoy the ADAF MUSIC program.

ADAF Stage was set up in Kotzia Square to host unique performances along with an impressive Projection Mapping Show on the facade of the Athens City Hall, a visual experience supported by EPSON. The What’s Up Music Doubles presented renowned artists such as:  Lena Platonos and Die Arkitekt, Marina Satti and Jeph Vanger, Katie Garbi and Someone who isn’t me, Nikos Touliatos and Stelios Giannoulakis, Katia Paschou and DJ Rico ft. NEVMA, IOTA PHI and VASSIŁINA, as well as good job nicky performing on stage along with visual artist Misogi. These unexpected and unique collaborations between musicians coming from different musical genres and eras led to the creation of a live dialogue between different contemporary musical references of Greece and offered to the audience an unforgettable experience.

The building complex of the former notoshome hosted the main exhibition of the 18th Athens Digital Arts Festival, with an exuberant program presented in the nine floors of the building. While entering the basement, we questioned our sense of reality by coming across Lumen II, a unique immersive experience by Poland’s IP Group that defied the concept of space by creating illusions.

We, also, had the chance to examine the surface of the planet Mars as drawn by an AI, in Benjamin Vedrenne’s Orbis Tertius.

Lukas Truninger presented Distributive intelligence | A group mind, a mesmerizing dance floor for robots, while Yuki Anai invited us to dance in front of his interactive installation, Refilter.

The ADAF workshops offered a cultivating insight into the latest breakthroughs in the field of technology and art, such as the creation of NFT artworks and the fusion of dramaturgy and technology as presented by the music Open Lab.

Last but not least, the ADAF Kids category presented an exciting program for children including animation movies, projects full of colors, digital adventures around the world, workshops, installations, games, 3D virtual reality environments, friendly robots, and an interactive 360° fairy tale for kids.

Every year ADAF aspires in cultivating bridges of communication and the exchange of ideas on global trends in the field of digital arts among festivals and Institutions worldwide. This year the festival collaborated with the Athens International Children’s Film Festival presenting screenings on the environment, with the Festival of Animation Berlin hosting inspiring animated films, the Artist Lab – Open Art by the Ionian University and Chengchi University of Taiwan, presenting digital artworks under the curation of Prof. Ya-Lun Tao. In addition, the festival’s AR program was selected through an exciting collaboration between ADAF and the Polish Patchlab Digital Art Festival of the Photon Foundation.

ADAF renews its appointment for its digital edition, which will take place in autumn 2022 on the festival’s online platform.

Stay tuned for the full program of digital artworks and online events, which will be available through live stream with free access for everyone worldwide.

#ADAF2022 #ADAFgreece #TheNewRetro #Futuretro #Futurology #Sci-Fi #Retrofuturism

Τhe 18th Athens Digital Arts Festival is co-financed by the Hellenic Republic and the European Union through the Regional Operational Program “Attica” in the framework of NSRF 2014-2020, performs under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Region of Attica and the City of Athens.



INSTAGRAM @adafgreece



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