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The International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media of Greece, Athens Video Art Festival, returned for the eighth time in a row remaining loyal to its annual rendezvous by presenting a diverse and fascinating program! From the 18th to the 20th of May, more than 340 artworks from 58 different corners of our planet accompanied the historic center of Athens in an effort of pointing the Greek capital as a lung of contemporary creativity as well as a way of communication between classic culture and the future of arts. Serving its basic principles and with a spirit of novation the festival hosted art works from all over the world in the context of its five blocks with the aim of getting the public familiar with modern cultural, technological and social trends.

The magic of the artworks through the CINEMA 3D radical technology and the digital monitors by LG, the innovating technique of Mapping Installation with big scale urban interventions, the presentation of 12 international festivals, the participation of the public in workshops, the music acts and the performances consist of the secret ingredient of an event that transformed Athens into a destination on the map of contemporary culture.

The Athens Video Art Festival 2012 production team would like to thank the people that supported its effort by pointing it out as a crucial factor of the cultural activity in our country; the public, the international cultural community, the sponsors, the supporters and the media sponsors, the spaces that hosted the event as well as our fatigueless volunteers: without you nothing would be possible!

A building complex of 5000 square meters, a square in the center of the city and a series of traditional stores of the Athenian downtown consisted of the spaces that hosted this year’s adventures of Athens Video Art Festival. More than 15000 visitors, by following the route from the historic Kourtaki arcade (Kolokotroni 57) to the Ayia Eirini square, had the opportunity to visit the famous Booze Cooperativa, the block of flats on Kolokotroni street, the basements of the whole block being accompanied the raw spirit of new media and new technologies in the framework of a program that pointed out all of the aspects of modern culture.


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