The International Festival of Digital Arts of Greece – Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) was founded in 2005, under the name Athens Video Art Festival, with the intention to offer a platform for video art, installations and live performances. Within the following 10 years, the Festival gradually evolved and included more art forms, reaching 2015 with ten categories as also change its name into Athens Digital Arts Festival.

Since 2005, Athens Digital Arts Festival has received more than 19.000 submissions from Greek and international artists and hosted more than 3.500 artworks. Through all these years, a complete and dynamic base of participated artists has been developed, expressing our gratitude for their valuable contribution to the Festival’s realization as well as its continuous evolution. The Festival’s archive aims to the most possible contact between the audience and the artists with the history of Athens Digital Arts Festival, forming a dynamic ecosystem, eager to develop, grow stronger and evolve even more.

By archiving the participating works and artists, ADAF database gives the opportunity to the user to browse through the past editions, witnessing the geographic range of the submissions, the differentiation of themes and techniques, and also exploring different aspects of digital art.

ADAF’s archive is enriched and renewed every year and at the same time it is a significant research tool for the artistic and academic community.


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