11th Athens Digital Arts Festival | May 21 – 24, 2015

The International Festival of Digital Arts in Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) has successfully completed its 11th edition in the early hours on Monday, May 25. Under the theme of Public Space_s, the Festival expanded in various public spots in the city and highlighted the notion of public space, one of the most controversial concepts of our days. By triggering our experience and relationship to public spaces, the festival explored the critical language and aesthetics of the digital medium.

In the course of 4 days, from May 21 to May 24, the festival hosted the works of 150 artists from Greece and abroad in Diplareios School, Monastiraki square and St. Eirini square. The presented artists shared their own narratives with the audience, redefining the notion of public space both in the digital environment and urban space.

The 11th Athens Digital Arts Festival, through the unique language of new technologies, sound, space, information networks and communication technologies, created a dynamic public space highlighting several aspects of digital creativity.

Multimedia interactive works, audiovisual installations, web art, digital image, video art and animation screenings created at the same time a futuristic and realistic atmosphere in the exhibition space of Diplareios School. In this framework, the public interacted with the artistic community through the multilayered festival programme including presentations of international festivals, participatory workshops and artists’ talks, completing their audiovisual experience through music experimentations, performances, music concerts and exciting DJ sets.

By closing its doors, we would like to thank you all for participating and supporting this year’s edition, hoping to see you again in Athens Digital Arts Festival 2016 with the promise of an even more complete experience.

*/ 11th Athens Digital Arts Festival | May 21 – 24, 2015
Historic Centre of Athens
Main Venue:
Diplareios School, 3 Theatre Square, 10552, Athens
Theatre Square / Monastiraki Square / St. Eirini Square

*/Duration: 4 days, 21 – 24 May 2015
*/Partcipation: 2.000 artists’ submissions / 150 artists / 40 countries
*/Public attendance: more than 8.000 persons in the main venue and the outdoor spots